White Trash & Southern

WhiteTrash_WP-250wSpanning nearly three decades of C.S. Fuqua’s literary career, White Trash & Southern is now available through most bookstores by order, or order online in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and audio formats. 232 poems, 232 stories of life, from birth to death, domestic bliss to domestic violence, political stupidity to flatulent bus travelers — celebration, mourning, joy, sadness…

With an eye for the particular and an ear for the music of everyday life, C. S. Fuqua shares with readers his brave and lyrical view of human experience.  An unflinching examination of the sorrows and joys we experience while moving through the world, White Trash & Southern is a fine collection of poems.” ~Dr. Wendy Galgan, Editor, Assisi 

“C.S. Fuqua’s poetry doesn’t adhere to the old adage that time heals all wounds. White Trash & Southern is an exhaustive book of powerfully emotive poems that explore a lifetime of wounds still present and gaping. By not looking away, by taking stock and inventory of all that we’ve been through, we come to discover what we’ve become: strong, hardened, and wise for all of our hardships. Yet the pain and wounds explored in this book are not all singularly experienced. Fuqua, while masterful at exploring his own condition, understands the universality of it. White Trash & Southern is full of empathy and honor for the human condition that we ultimately all share. This is a wonderful book of poetry, and a fine achievement that will greatly enrich its readers.” ~Devin McGuire, Editor of the Unrorean and author of After the Hunt (Encircle Publications 2013) 

“White Trash & Southern [by] C.S. Fuqua [is] gritty, insightful, humorous, tragic, and celebratory … [B]egin anywhere, skip around, or read it from back to front … a well-written, coherent collection … however you read it.” ~Jonathan K. Rice, Editor/Publisher, Iodine Poetry Journal

From the back cover: “Poetry in this data-saturated age is not, for most, a viable way to make a living. So why expend the time and energy to create something that few people will read and even fewer will purchase? To which I must ask, why do people sing in the rain, paint pictures, dance? Because it provides pleasure and reward and perhaps even keeps them sane. As a writer of fiction and nonfiction, I am most concerned with story. When I write poetry, I view it not as some lofty literary tool to fool or condescend, but as an exercise in crafting story within the strictest confines. White Trash & Southern is a collection of such exercises, spanning nearly three decades. To create a complex story within a limited number of words—to communicate far more than appears on the page—is a challenge that can provide enormous reward and satisfaction. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don’t. But at least I remain sane. Sort of.”


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