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“Knitting” Tunes

In this article I would like to compare “doing” music to the art of knitting. What? Have I lost my mind?! No. Far from it. If you’ve read even some of my articles on this blog page you will already … Continue reading

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Playing Interpretively

There are two types of musical instruments. There is the electronic instrument. This would include electric guitars, and various offsprings of it. The other type of instrument is the nonelectric instrument that doesn’t depend on pickups and amps to make … Continue reading

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The Mighty Ukulele!

THE FIRST STRINGED INSTRUMENT I EVER PLAYED: When I was around nine or ten years old, the first stringed instrument I ever played was a tenor guitar,  (The image on the right is that tenor guitar.) The tenor guitar has … Continue reading

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Hello, everyone. I’m in the process of building this new website for all those interested in folk music. As I write this first article, I’m just barely getting started with putting this website together. In the past I built my … Continue reading

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