Sacred NAF

SNAF_CVR-WP-FLThis book will teach you how to play ‘Christian hymns‘, ‘Christmas carols‘, the ‘blues’, and ‘meditative chants‘ on the 6-hole Native American flute, even if you have no previous knowledge of music. Also included is a section that shows you how to compose your own tunes on the flute, a sound that will harken back to that mysterious, ethereal music we sometimes associate with the Native American flute.

With its huge content of easy to learn tunes, this book emphasizes the sacredness of the Native American flute. There are 142 TABs, (tunes), and tutorials in this 267-page book. The levels of difficulty range from very easy to deliciously challenging. The material is graded in difficulty so the rank beginner can painlessly work up to the more difficult tunes. Most of the hymns and carols will be familiar to you, so they are placed at the beginning of the book; playing the familiar is a great way to learn. Also included in this book are the previously mentioned meditative chants, those kinds of tunes the ancient shamans discovered on their flutes. Following the chants is an extensive blues section. If you have always wanted to play the blues but didn’t know how to begin, the comprehensive blues section will take you as deeply as you might want to go into the blues that so befits the Native American flute. From boogie riffs to sophisticated tunes, these tunes will make your jaw drop!

In addition to the book itself are 142 MP3s where the author has played every tablature in the book so you can hear how each tune should sound. This is a great way to learn. And included with the 142 MP3s are four beautiful soundscape backgrounds you can play along with as well as five demonstrations where the author actually plays along with the backgrounds so you can hear how to use them. Included are songs like “Amazing Grace,” “Sweet Hour of Prayer, and “Taps.” These free MP3s can be played on any mobile device like your tablet, smart phone, iPod/MP3 player, or even your basic computer. You can even burn all those MP3s to several CDs if you’d like so you can pop them into your car’s CD player. All MP3s are named by page number and tune title, making it super easy to find the recording you need as you work your way through the pages.

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Nearer My God to Thee

Softly and Tenderly

Christmas Carols:

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Meditative Chants:

Sweet Sorrow

Letting Go

The Blues:

Download Stomp

Big Girl Rumble

Triple Trouble Blues

Compose your own tunes:

Little Wren

Precious Daughter