Native American Flute


MAJOR SCALE DEMONSTRATION: This demonstration is from the free files included with the how-to book, EarthFlute. The chromatic scale, that treasure chest that holds all possible notes on any instrument, including the Native American flute, makes it possible to play a tune in a number of different major scales on just the one flute. It will give you a sweeping view of the potential of the Native American flute.


PENTATONIC SCALE: The easiest scale to use on the Native American flute is the pentatonic scale. Click the mp3 player below to hear a short tutorial of the scale, a meditative tune played in this scale, and an improvised blues played in this scale.


CHROMATIC SCALE: The most complex scale, a scale that has all the sharps and flats, is called the “chromatic scale.” Hear the chromatic scale followed by the tune, The Navy Hymn.


COMPARING WOOD, PVC, AND BAMBOO FLUTE TYPES: Native American flutes are made from different materials. These materials have a great effect on tone. Listen to this audio demo to show the difference between these three major flute types. All three flutes are in the key of F#.


NATIVE AMERICAN DRONE FLUTE: The sound samples are of Chris Fuqua’s drone flute. This is a two-barrel flute where one of the barrels is the standard 6-hole configuration, while the other barrel has no note holes. That barrel produces just one note, the drone note. The melody is played on the 6-hole barrel, just as one would play the standard Native American flute. The first example is exactly how the flute sounds. The second example has been slightly enhanced. The enhanced version is the sound you might hear on a typical Native American flute album, and this same enhanced sound can also be heard on the flute albums Chris has recorded and published. If you would like to know more about Chris’s albums, just click.

Native American drone flute, natural sound, played by Chris Fuqua

Native American drone flute, enhanced sound, played by Chris Fuqua

Native American flute scale and key change demonstration, played by Dick Claassen