Meditative Flute

Meditative-Flute_250wMeditative Flute: Learn how to play the Native American Flute to enhance your Yoga, Meditation, Biking, Walk/Run, Pilates, Tai Chi, Workout, or Feldenkrais practice:  The music you play through your flute will still your mind, slow your heartbeat, and strengthen your immune system. That’s what this book is all about. You learn to play meditative music for yourself, as well as for others, by simply working yourself through the book and its many instructional tunes and chants. This will give you a priceless gift–not just for yourself, but for all those who hear you play. No music background is required to learn the tunes from this book. All the tunes are written in a special, simplified “tablature”, a way to write down music so even someone with absolutely no background in music can play the tunes. Once you know how to play the tunes the author has composed, the author then teaches you how to compose your own tunes. This book doesn’t give you just a fish, it also gives you the fishing pole. Regardless of what kind of 6-hole Native American flute you own, and regardless of what key it’s in, (C, D, E, F, F#, G, A, it makes absolutely no difference), you will be able to play the tunes in this book. This book, “Meditative Flute”, is the first book we’ve offered that specifically instructs you on how to use the flute for meditation. It will give you the raw power the shamans of thousands of years ago seemed to possess.

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Happy Baby

Healing Spaces

Jewish Folk Song

Love Chant

Storm Spirit

What’s in the package? There’s the book, of course. It’s small enough to throw into your gym bag so you can conveniently take the book and your flute with you should you want to play for those who might be in a class with you. The tablature is a very simplified, (but comprehensive), form that fits well into a book of this size. There are 85 instructional audio files, most of them stand-alone tunes and chants. Also included in the audio MP3s is a three-part lesson on the principle of “symmetry”, a form-style that will make it easy for you to compose your own free-style tunes on the fly! Those who hear you will think you have played for years! There is also an instructional video that demonstrates techniques like the slide, the trill, and the bark, techniques that add interest and depth to your playing. All of these files are downloadable from a webpage on the site. The URL for this page is in the Meditative Flute book. Once you have the book, you can easily download the 85 audio files and the video file.

To the author’s knowledge, no book like this one has ever been written. With absolutely no knowledge of how to read music, or how to play the Native American flute, the material in this book will give you a massive number of tunes and chants you can play, superior instruction, and a specific method that will enable you to compose your own tunes and play in a meditative way. If you love music, if you think you might want to learn how to play a beautiful and noble instrument, and if you want to use the flute as a tool to take you into meditation, this book will take you there.