EarthFlute – now in print!

CVR_EF-CS_PFIComprehensive HOW-TO book, TABs of 147 tunes, 60 free MP3s, in print at last! The Native American flute is a beautiful instrument of elegant design. We strongly identify this flute with the traditional music of the Native American culture. And the haunting tunes of this ancient culture are a joy to listen to as well as a joy to play. But this flute can also be used to play other genres, (tune types), genres we might never expect coming from the Native American flute. This book, “EarthFlute,” is a how-to book on how to play all kinds of music, including Native American traditional music, on the 6-hole Native American flute. All of the tunes are in tablature notation, which means you don’t have to know anything at all about music in order to play the tunes. Everything you’ll need to know is clearly explained in the book, including how to read tablature, a system of writing down notes that requires absolutely no memorization to learn it. This book shows you how to play Native American traditional music, the blues, folk/campfire, Christian hymns, sacred music of other faiths, Christmas carols, music of other cultures, patriotic, gospel, Celtic, classical, children’s, meditative, as well as repetitive meditative chants to help us play through the Seven Stages of Grief and Healing.

Included with the book are 60 FREE sample MP3s of the book’s material, both tutorials and tunes, so you will know what many of the tunes sound like. The book begins with very simple tunes that slowly progress in difficulty until you have reached a point of mastery that will blow the doors off all those who listen to you play! Also included is information on types of flutes with MP3 demonstrations of cedar, pine, bamboo and PVC flutes, as well as several MP3 demonstrations of the double-barrel drone flute. Also included is a quick start method called “JumpStart Flute” that allows even those with no composing experience to devise their own tunes. Background tracks are covered in detail, and four background tracks are included in the free MP3 set so you can play your flute along with the tracks. Tracks included are the Apache frame drum, birds in a forest, a rousing thunderstorm, and a Tibetan meditative gong track. There is even a section that shows you how to make your own background tracks with nothing but a smartphone and a free audio editor app. There are also instructions on how to find and then export and reformat GarageBand loops so you can use them as your own background tracks. There is even information on where to find thousands of free tracks online, whether you use a Mac or a PC. Every possible aspect of how to play the Native American flute in a number of genres is covered in this one book. Absolutely no previous music knowledge is required to learn every tune and every technique (the bark, the coyote howl, the trill, etc.) this book covers.

The book contains a grand total of 147 tunes in easy to read tablature. It covers every possible aspect of the Native American flute and the beautiful music it can produce, including music played on the double-barreled drone flute. Even if you’ve never played any kind of musical instrument before, this book will show you how to set up and play the 6-hole Native American flute at a very high level. If you are looking for a how-to book on the Native American flute, a book that begins with the absolute basics and then moves far beyond, a book that will help you realize your full potential as a musician, “EarthFlute” will keep you busy for a very, very long time.

FEATURES: ­147 SOLOS, 60 FREE mp3 audio tutorials and tunes playable on your computer or any mobile device.


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TAPS: This tune is played at every American military funeral.

PRAYER FOR THE DEAD: This tune is played on the drone flute, along with the Apache frame drum.

TRANSFORMATION BLUES: An interesting blues that uses those special blues notes that makes the tune sound bluesy.

MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE: One of America’s most favorite patriotic tunes.

KUMBAYA: This tune is probably the most favorite of all campfire tunes.

FREEPLAY: This extemporaneous tune is played with a thunderstorm in the background.


A PARTIAL LIST OF JUST SOME OF THE TUNES IN THIS BOOK! Grandfather, Sky Talker, High Chief, Prayer for the Dead, Warrior’s Prayer, Simple Wisdom, Medicine Woman, Maiden of My Heart, Shaman Mojo, Buffalo Chant, Grandmother, Sky Weaver, Down In the Valley, 900 Miles, Streets of Laredo, Take This Hammer, East Virginia, Red River Valley, The Riddle Song, The Blues Bounce, Eeezee Blues, Big Dog Blues, Downhill Blues, Lowdown Blues, Move On Blues, Hot Blues, Goin’ to Chicago, Hoodoo Mama, Transformation Blues, Strange Blues, Sundown Blues, Buffalo Man, Blue Bells of Scotland, Loch Lomond, Wild Mountain Thyme, Joni Comes Marching Home, A Parting Glass, Greensleeves, Ode to Joy, Come With Me, My Giselle, Waltz – Calegari, Goin’ Home, Prayer From Finlandia, My Country Tis of Thee, Go Down Moses, Drinkin’ Gourd, Amazing Grace, We Shall Overcome, Beautiful Savior, Jacob’s Ladder, Nearer My God to Thee, Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful, Away In a Manger, Upon a Midnight Clear, We Three Kings, Noel, Merry Christmas, Kumbaya, Jewish Folk Song, March Slav, Mexican Rumba, Sakura, Scotland the Brave, Ay Yi Yi Yi, I Know Where I’m Goin’, Black Is the Color, Corn Grinding Song, Little Turtle Dove, I Gave My Love a Cherry, Drink to Me Only, Barbara Allen, Pretty Saro, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, Dear Little Suzie, Hush Little Baby, Itsy Bitsy Spider, All the Pretty Little Horses, Brahms Lullaby, All Through the Night, Prayer Cycle, Holy Grail, Infinity, Gregorian Chant, 7 Stages of Grief and Healing

NOTE: When you buy the book you will be given instructions on how to download and unzip all the sample mp3s: mp3s you can move to your computer or any mobile device. The files can be unzipped by both MAC and PC.