Celebrate the NAF – in print

CNAF-CVR_EF-Series-250wThe tunes in this book can be mastered by anyone, and you don’t need a background in music to do it. The book begins with scale fingerings you use as reference. Then you are given advice on what kind of flutes you might buy, how to care for your flute, and how to adjust the totem for best tone. You are introduced to the tablature system, a system for reading music that is hundreds of years old. Tablature has stood the test of time, and you will learn its advantages in this book. In succeeding pages you will learn about tied notes, the trill, the vibrato, the bark, and pick-up notes. You will learn the extended scale so you can play a greater variety of tunes. You will learn how to half-hole notes so you can get those notes that are in between the holes. You will learn the slur, a technique put to wonderful use in the tune, “Dancing With Angels”. You’ll learn a weird sounding tune called, “Alien Encounter”. You will learn about notes with different time values. You will learn how to play the blues, finally ending your blues study with the “Saint James Infirmary Blues”. You will learn how to tab out your own tunes, and a tab blank that you can make many copies of is included with the book. You will even learn a tune of the Mbuti Pygmies who live in the Ituri Rain Forest. The book introduces you to a variety of tunes from many different cultures of the world, and most of these tunes aren’t found in any other Native American flute book.

FEATURES: This book includes the Jump Start book. The simple start-up examples will get you playing your flute in five minutes or less!

Also included are MP3 files–examples the author plays from each book. These files can be played on your computer, your smart phone or your iPod or iPad, or, using a utility like iTunes, you can burn the MP3 files to a blank CD so you can listen to the files on any CD or DVD player.


Free As An Eagle

Alien Encounter

Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

The Holly and the Ivy



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check-mark_2Raw Tune Index: Finding the Path, Chants of Our People, Life Dance, First Prayer, Young Sapling, Drum Chant, Cry of Joy, Water Birds, Fire Flower, Path of the Buffalo, Alien Encounter, We are One, Creation, Autumn Song, Prayer Beads, Gregorian Chant, Dancing With Angels, The Monks of Zen, ABC Song, Yankee Doodle, Down In the Valley, Red River Valley, Good King Wenceslas, Are You Sleeping, Amazing Grace, Sakura, Simple Gifts, I Gave My Love a Cherry, Auld Lang Syne, O Pastor Animarum, Oh Susanna, Shenandoah, Row, Row, Row, Your Boat, Blues Bounce Technique, Get Down Blues, Big Owl Blues, Space Alien Breakdown, Dragon Blues, Guardian Spirit, The Holly and the Ivy, Mbuti Pygmy Song, Sweet and Low, One Step Marching Blues, St. James Infirmary Blues

NOTE: When you buy the book you will be given the download link and password to download and unzip all the sample mp3s: mp3s you can move to your computer or any mobile device. The files can be unzipped by both MAC and PC.