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Daughter Earth: CD and downloadDaughter Earth

REAL EMOTIONAL POWER: The emotional power of the Native American flute is considerable. This humble folk instrument can be used to play the haunting traditional music of the ancient Native American culture, and the peaceful pure tones of this music can put us into a state of deep meditation.

A LIMITLESS INSTRUMENT: But the Native American flute isn’t limited to only traditional music. This wonderful instrument can touch us through many genres. “Daughter Earth” explores several of these genres: Native American traditional, Christian hymns, Japanese traditional, Buddhist chanting, sea shanties, the blues, lullabies, several original compositions by Dick Claassen.

THE DRONE FLUTE: The drone flute is featured in this album. This unique double-barrel flute is too often treated as a curiosity, ignored by many. But the tonal richness of this beautiful instrument is seriously explored in “Daughter Earth,” with five of the album’s fifteen tracks played on the drone.

ACCOMPANIED BY THE SOUNDS OF NATURE: Many tracks are accompanied by the rich sounds of nature. One of the tracks, ‘Two Worlds,’ is a sea shanty. But the real stars in this particular piece are the whales. They have as much if not more to say than the flute!

BEYOND THE SLICK: This album moves beyond the slick, heavily produced music so typical of today’s Native American flute albums. “Daughter Earth” is an exploration of the pine and bamboo Native American flutes, from the higher F# pine flute to the contrabass C# bamboo flute, and from the gritty and bluesy bamboo E flute to the musically complex drone flute. With a variety of flutes and genres, Dick Claassen takes the simple pine and bamboo 6-hole flutes into completely new directions.

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Album playlist: Amazing Grace, Medicine Woman, Appalachian Romance, Cradle of the Deep, Sakura, Gretchen’s Lullaby, Sky Spirits, Two Worlds, Parson’s Farewell, Daughter Earth, Prayer Cycle, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Saint James Infirmary, Maiden of My Heart, Taps

PREVIEWS: The tracks below are shortened tracks to preview. (Sound quality on the actual album is much higher than these online MP3 samples.)

 Amazing Grace

 Medicine Woman

Sky Spirits

Sweet Hour of Prayer