Meditation: APJ

Med-CVR_Wp-treeMeditation: A Personal Journey” is quite different from those books about meditation you might have read in the past. Most books clearly explain what meditation is, but only from the “tell” perspective of the disconnected author. Many authors never seem to get inside the mind of the actual meditator. In fairness, it’s not the intent of most authors to get personal about their meditative experiences. But wouldn’t you like to know what it actually feels like to meditate? Wouldn’t you like to know the kinds of specific problems you can run into when you try to begin your own meditation program? Or what specific strategies you might try if you can’t find a quiet place to meditate? Or what kinds of entry point activities you can do before you meditate–activities that will make your meditation session that much more effective and enjoyable? This book addresses all of the above, and more. The author, Dick Claassen, has been meditating since 1975. He directly experiences, everyday, what he’s writing about. In this book he tells you much more than just HOW to meditate. Dick SHOWS you what meditation feels like. Along the way we learn helpful things like how to meditate when we have young kids in the house, what kinds of other activities you can take up along with meditation, and how to rustle up healthful meals without killing yourself over the stove. Dick also includes an extensive section on supplementary material that will greatly enhance your meditative practice. Most of this book was composed from ideas Dick received while meditating. The book is a testament to the creative power meditation gives us. If you are interested in meditation, this book can be a window into that world. You might be utterly surprised at what you find.

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