TAKE YOUR CROCKPOT LUNCH WARMER TO WORK! For those who are faced with making their own lunch everyday, coming up with something new day after day can be a formidable task. This book will fix that. This book is not a recipe book, it’s not a cookbook, and it’s not a diet book. It’s a simple instruction book where every lunch you slam together literally flows into place. Through the use of the CROCKPOT WARMER, or the MICROWAVE, the 101, (one-hundred and one), lunch plans in the reference pages will make putting together lunches deliciously simple. Prep time for each lunch will be nearly zero. Each lunch plan is loaded with tags, (keywords that will make the ingredients easy to search for in any brick-and-mortar grocery or online grocery service). Topics include the following: instructions on how to use the cleverly designed crockpot warmer, 101 lunch plans that feature comfort food like meat and potatoes, hot chili with crackers and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, lunch plans for vegan dishes, soups, sandwiches, casseroles, foods of different cultures, eat-alongs to add variety, nutrition tips, food prep tips, screen shots showing us online shopping strategies with the help of powerful apps, how to use the latest food prep services, suggestions on how to strengthen your body, mind and spirit, as well as a powerful how-to meditation technique that will keep you calm and on track all day long. Take the work out of lunch making, once and for all. Use this book as a powerful reference that also just happens to be rich with additional information that opens new paths for you in your quest to effortlessly make that perfect lunch every single day. NOTE: The illustrations for this book are in grayscale. You can find the color version by typing “Connie Sanderson” (without the quotes), into Amazon’s search field. (The grayscale version is less expensive than the color version.)

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