“ANCESTORS: Native American Flute Meditations” by Native American flute master C.S. Fuqua invites you into a world where the music of the flute and the natural sounds of nature meld into blissful layers of peace. Interweaving melodies will take you into a state of deep meditation, should you wish to go there. This CD is the fourth in a series of WindPoem meditative albums. If you find yourself living a life of stress, music can often have a profound healing effect on your psyche. This album will soothe you and open doors of peace you might not know have existed until now.

Below are three samples from the album. Keep in mind they are samples, which means they are greatly shortened snippets of the original play time. But they are long enough to show what this album is all about.

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Two Audio Samples:

Fancy Flight


Tracks of CD ANCESTORS: Native American Flute Meditations