Decoding the ukulele

Ukulele: DECODED

The ukulele is a music phenomenon, and many people are picking up the uke and discovering it for the very first time. Unfortunately, the ukulele is so stereotyped that a truly clear picture of its possibilities has escaped many. If you think that the ukulele is only used for playing tunes like ‘Five Foot Two’ or ‘Singin’ In the Rain’, you would be so wrong! You can play any kind of music on the uke. From pop to classical, from sacred to blues, the uke has no limits other than those limits we humans put on it with our own preconceived ideas.

If you want to broaden your ukulele horizons, if you want to take a serious look at the ukulele and it’s many possibilities, the book, “Ukulele: DECODED”, makes the real power of the ukulele jump from its pages and gives you the kind of knowledge you’ve been looking for. Filled with photos of ukes and uke accessories, this book talks about cheap ukes, expensive ukes, decorative ukes, ukes made from nontraditional materials, playing styles, different sizes, best woods, custom ukes, hybrid ukes, uke history, how to determine a good uke buy at a garage sale, the tenor guitar and the uke, what uke type might fit you best, the author’s revealing accounts of some of his music students, and much more.

There is a lot of hoopla about ukuleles these days. But this book casts aside all that and puts forth those possibilities you might never have realized were there. “Ukulele: DECODED” will give you an accessible perspective of the magic of the ukulele and its power as a stand-alone musical instrument.

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