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Sometimes it’s fun to see how someone can start in one artistic direction, like music, and then shift to another direction, like writing. This is from a blog article by Bonnie Lynne. It bears re-posting.

~Penthouse 5 Founding Member’s Final Dream Realized Years After Death~

Popular 60s rock band

Popular 60s rock band

Rob Graham, founding member of the popular 1960s band Penthouse 5, had his last dream of writing and publishing a novel realized nearly seven years after his death in 2009. Wolfshadow, co-written with author C. S. Fuqua, was published in eBook in January 2016 by Ursa Major Books, with the paperback version scheduled for June 2016 publication.

Graham was a founding member of Penthouse 5, a popular Texas-based 1960s garage rock band. When the band broke up in the mid-1960s, he moved on to acting and modeling, but alcoholism took its toll and, by the late 1980s, Graham was living on the street. Following a near-death experience, Graham entered rehabilitation, got clean, and tackled the dream of becoming a published writer. Fuqua reminisces about Graham’s roller-coaster life and their efforts to realize Graham’s final dream in the blog post “Piss on It: Developing Wolfshadow” at

Shortly before Graham lost his voice to throat cancer, he discussed his prognosis from his hospice care facility with Fuqua: “I’ve had a good life, Chris—good friends and a great family. I have cancer. I won’t be going back home.” As Graham’s cancer progressed, he and Fuqua worked via email and through the assistance of David Graham, Rob’s brother, to complete Wolfshadow. This collaboration continued until two days before Graham died. Fuqua continued to work on the novel and finished the final draft three years to the month after Graham’s death.

WolfShadow book coverThe science fantasy novel Wolfshadow features Jim Pleasant Wolfshadow, a Cheyenne Native American and former Navy SEAL, who’s resigned from Nattech Inc., America’s controlling corporation, following a terrorist bombing that killed his wife, a bombing for which he wrongly blames himself. He has no intention of jumping into an unknown future when so much is once again on the line—until Max, his best friend and Nattech’s lead science officer, vanishes. Unwilling to lose another loved one, Wolfshadow returns to Nattech service to locate and rescue his friend. Accompanied by a shape-shifting entity who claims to have been with him since birth, Wolfshadow must battle Max’s abductor and source of increasing global mayhem, an other-dimensional, megalomaniacal being, determined to conquer Earth and subjugate its inhabitants to his rule.

Author and reviewer Suanne Schafer gives Wolfshadow five stars and describes it as, “A thought-provoking and interesting read.” (

Science fiction magazine Albedo One says, “If you are looking for a Fantasy novel that masterfully bridges the gap with Science Fiction and aren’t afraid of the grimdark, then this book is definitely for you.” (

Wolfshadow is one of the few books released today that has its own music soundtrack, composed and recorded by C. S. Fuqua, available as a free download with book purchase, separate purchase from iTunes, Amazon, Loudr, and Bandcamp, and streamable on Spotify and other services. To sample all songs, please visit the Wolfshadow Bandcamp page. The publisher, Ursa Major Books, has tentative plans for a contest in conjunction with the paperback publication. The prize will be a flute handmade by C. S. Fuqua.

  1. S. Fuqua has been a professional author, composer, and musician for decades. His work has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, Main Street Rag, Chiron Review, Years Best Horror Stories, and many other small and large press publications. His published works cover many genres including horror, science fiction, non-fiction and southern gothic. He currently resides in Las Cruces, NM, but has lived in Pensacola, FL; Honolulu, HI; and Huntsville, AL.

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