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Easy Entry to Banjo Heaven!

Everybody wants to be a banjo star! Oh, what must that feeling be like to stand on stage in front of thousands, your banjo blowing up a firestorm and your body in a white heat! The crowd leaps to its … Continue reading

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The Mighty Ukulele!

THE FIRST STRINGED INSTRUMENT I EVER PLAYED: When I was around nine or ten years old, the first stringed instrument I ever played was a tenor guitar,  (The image on the right is that tenor guitar.) The tenor guitar has … Continue reading

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Pentatonic Scale On the Native American Flute

If you already play an instrument, you probably play the guitar. Everyone wants to play the guitar. The guitar is a rock instrument, a folk instrument, a bluegrass instrument, a blues and jazz instrument, a classical music instrument, a sacred … Continue reading

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“FOLK TREE” from Iowa Public Radio

Boil ‘dem cabbage down, boys! Much of the human race is spoiled, and I include myself in this. To illustrate my point, let me give you a quick history lesson about the technological advancements we’ve experienced through the years. TV … Continue reading

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