WP-BJ-IMAGE-725WideThe circular shaped drum head of the young man’s banjo in this famous storybook illustration by N. C. Wyeth is the perfect symbol for the inclusive world of folk music. It’s easy to associate the circle with the banjo by its circular head. But the circle can also signify the drum, the tambourine, the rattle, the cymbal, the bell end of numerous wind instruments like the trumpet, the trombone, the sax, the flute. It’s the fire circle with the campfire nested in its center. It’s those stories told by the small community inside the fire circle and around the campfire as the flute player or ancient drummer accompanies the story teller. It’s the circular end of the didgeridoo, that most ancient of instruments which produces just one low note in a mind thrumming sound generated by circular breathing. It’s the community, that vast circle of musicians and listeners who live on our beautiful circular planet. And we are living in an infinite garden of circular-shaped planets and stars in a grand universe that drones its own primordial tune. Folk music is loved by everyone, and contemporary music is a reflection of this root music. Music like the blues, jazz, rock, country, rap, sacred, classical, hip hop, meditative–every musical genre has its roots in folk music. And every musical genre has its own kind of power. We will explore the aspects of folk music on this site. We will especially explore the ukulele, the Native American flute, and the folk banjo. We will explore the power of all music and learn how to make real music with real folk instruments! So welcome, one and all. If you love folk music and want to know more about it, you’ve come to the right place!

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